In a galaxy, far, far away...
As a child born in 1980, being raised in the greatest nostalgic era of the century, art has become second nature, nourished by pop culture and anything “Geeky”. From He-Man to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Star Wars becoming a huge inspiration in my art. Working my first job in a local comic shop at 15 years old, being motivated by my surroundings. Inspired by all the different artists from Tod Mcfarlane, Jim Lee, and Joe Quasada. Action figures, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, cartoons and collectibles are a huge passion of mine, second only to my amazing wife and two wonderful children. I never thought I would be a tattoo artist, running a one of a kind retail/tattoo shop along side with my wife. Everything thing we had created is what I like to call, a “Chris 51 Inspiration”. Being drafted by the “Alpha Geek” himself to help keep the “Geek Torch” lit, not only motivated us, but inspired us to reach new levels and conquer the cosmos. Saying that, we are here to bring the comic con atmosphere to a unique retail shop with nostalgia themed tattoos. We are all about family, fun and being a Geek.


Skip Katt grew up like any other kid in the 80's. Waking up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons, playing Atari & Nintendo till his thumbs blistered were a way of life.
Now fast forward almost 40 years, and that nostalgia is what fuels him. Remembering the classics, whether movies, cartoons, videogames; he loves to relive those glory days.
His mom started him off in tattooing, at the beginning it was just an idea; and now it has blossomed into the swashbuckling highjinx we all see today.
Skip: "I love doing color pieces! Bring me the 80's, and I'll bring it to life!" "Without my clients, I'm nothing"


In much the same way that Bruce Wayne is both a billionare businessman and the heroic vigilante Batman, Eddie V is both an illustrator and professional tattoo artist. Originally from Cali, Eddie started his tattoo career in Colorado in 2009. From there, he met Chris 51 and became a member of the Geeksterink Legends Tour. Eddie V is a happily married father of two who specializes in Black & Grey work, although he enjoys all styles of custom color illustrative tattoos. 

Eddie is a much-sought after illustrator; having designed several comics and a children's book with Chris 51.


The "Alpha Geek", Chris 51 has helped change the face of geek-culture tattooing. From creating his own reality TV show Epic Ink on A&E, to having his own ink company, to creating the largest tattoo tour in the world, (The Geeksterink Legends) Chris has solidified himself as the trailblazer in pop culture tattooing. 

Chris has written six books on everything from an autobiography, to comics, to poetry, a football trivia book and even children's books. 

After appearing as a celebrity tattoo artist at over 200 comic & entertainment cons, Chris 51 has decided it's time to step on the other side of the curtain and produce his own; Headbangers Con is the world's first and only con dedicated to heavy metal culture. 

Look for Chris guesting frequently at the Geeksterink Tattoo Shop, as he can't seem to stay too far away from his good friends there!


I’m geek for life and proud of it. I love everything comics, movie, anime, sci-if, Kung fu, you name it I like it. I grew up in Colorado, as early as I can remember I was going to flea markets with my grandpa getting craftsman tools for him and comics for me; anything and everything from Archie to ZOD. I Would read them with my brother and we would draw everything with my dad. As an adult, this culture had become such a part of me and my life that my beautiful wife arranged our wedding in a comic book store and we named our day daughter after a strong female warrior queen from the comics. When the honor and opportunity to apprentice under Jerry "Darth Daddy" Patton arose I packed the family up to moved.Washington.


Check back for frequent guest artist announcements, or contact Jerry Patton to request a guest spot.